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About us

Good Partners Law Office sits in the middle of the metropolitan Osaka, just near the Nagahori-bashi Station of the Osaka Metro, where people around the world encounter and interact.

Have you ever wanted to study or work in Japan? Are you trying to build up a business in Japan but do not know how? Is one of your family member living in Japan and you want to live together? Of course the complicated and time consuming procedures can make one crazy, but Never give up your HOPE. Because WE are here to help you.

We have been focusing on the Japanese VISA application for years and our experienced immigration lawyer can help you make your wish come true.

If you have any worry about your journey in Japan, no matter it is about study or work or anything else, PLEASE CONTACT US!

We are also doing our best to make the procedure of immigration more understandable to everyone. Visit our blog site to take a look at the latest entry and gather some new knowledge about Japanese VISA application and Japanese Immigration law.

Good Partners Law Office
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