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Multi-language support

Multi-language Support

Language barrier can be the biggest problem for a non-Japanese-speaking visitor

For those trying to apply for a visa to visit Japan, language barrier can be the the biggest problem. A great number of law offices in Japan support no other languages than Japanese and it can be extremely difficult for a non-Japanese speaker to have a satisfying consultation. Furthermore, when applying for a visa in Japan, many necessary documents can only be written in Japanese and those documents of other languages usually needs to be translated.

Multi-language visa service

If you are good at Japanese, that is wonderful. But if you can only speak English or other languages, it can be really difficult for you to get a satisfying visa consultation. In this case, it is better to search for immigration law offices which support multi-language services.

Good Partners Law Office has staffs who can speak Korean, Chinese, English and Thai. There will be no more misunderstanding and we promise you a good experience during your visa-applying journey.

Translation Service

During the process of application, there can be tons of documents that needs to be translated. For example during the application for a spouse visa, the Birth Certificate and the Marriage advisory are usually needed to be translated. Good Partners Law Office provides quick and reasonably-priced translate service. Just fill in the translation form and we will contact you soon.